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Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 By Michael J. Barlotta A Manning publication Publication date: August 1999 Format: Softbound, 550 pages ISBN: 188477786 Price: $35.96 from the publisher at www.manning.com/Barlotta2/index.html or for the same price at www.amazon.com (ships in 24 hours) I must admit to having been a little remiss regarding this book. I've been intending to review it since its debut at TechWave last August, but I never got around to it. Fortunately the book is just as applicable today as when it first came out. Though we now have EAServer 3.5, the core features of that version are the same as those of EAServer 3.0, which was the version used when this book was written. Regular PBDJ readers should be very familiar with the author of Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7, Mike Barlotta. He's been contributing to PBDJ nearly every month for over a year. ... (more)

The Value Of Consulting Services

As a consultant, I'm keenly aware of the bitterness some people have toward us. On many occasions I've felt the ire of managers who, in the past, have had bad experiences. The causes vary, but the blame can usually be spread evenly between management and the consultants. Unfortunately, this results in a negative view toward consultants and the valuable services they provide. At the risk of stating the obvious, let me describe some important details about the business of consulting: 1. Consultants provide valuable services. When you decide to build a home do you build it yourself or... (more)

Fat Pipes Boost Java Flow

At work, Lisa takes advantage of her employer's dedicated T-3 to quickly access live NASDAQ quotes via a Java applet stock ticker. She spends each day alternating between development work and day trading. Soon to be rich, she dreams of early retirement and a life filled with leisure activities and day trading at home. Back at home her lack of patience and 56K connection make day trading a painfully slow torture. Java and 56K aren't meant to be together. Unfortunately, most of the 50 million regular Internet users worldwide are ecstatic if they can even achieve 56K. High-speed co... (more)

What's Coming Up in This New Year

Wow, 2000! I remember back in the '70s when I was a teenager thinking about the year 2000. It was so far away. I was sure the world would be radically different, plus I'd be such an old man. Well, I'm older, though not yet an old man. And the world has changed, but not as drastically as sci-fi movies and shows had led me to believe. Technology has made incredible advances. One dramatic example is that the U.S. government-sponsored Human Genome Project expects to finish mapping the entire human gene structures by the end of the year. Not too long ago that task was considered impos... (more)

n_ds DataStore Coupled to Parent Window in PFC 6.0+

Last year, after migrating a client's application from PFC 5.0.02 to 6.5, then applying some enhancements to take advantage of new features, the program began giving the following PFC error message: "For certain functionality the PFC DataStore requires a reference to its parent window. One of these cases has been encountered. To let the DataStore know who its parent window is, call the of_SetParentWindow() function after the DataStore creation." At first I was disturbed that the PFC developers had coupled the DataStore to a parent object. And worse, not only a parent object, but... (more)