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At work, Lisa takes advantage of her employer's dedicated T-3 to quickly access live NASDAQ quotes via a Java applet stock ticker. She spends each day alternating between development work and day trading. Soon to be rich, she dreams of early retirement and a life filled with leisure activities and day trading at home. Back at home her lack of patience and 56K connection make day trading a painfully slow torture. Java and 56K aren't meant to be together. Unfortunately, most of the 50 million regular Internet users worldwide are ecstatic if they can even achieve 56K. High-speed connectivity is common to businesses but is out of financial reach of the average home-based Internet user. To be successful, consumer-targeted Web sites have to provide content quickly, because consumers won't wait. So while businesses enjoy IP-delivered, feature-rich Java applications and ap... (more)


Microsoft The long running Microsoft antitrust lawsuit pursued by the U.S. Justice Department is finally coming to a close. In a recent joint news conference, representatives of Microsoft and the U.S. government announced that an agreement has been made regarding the breakup of Microsoft. The agreement will follow the pattern of AT&T ("Ma Bell") when it was broken up into many smaller "Baby Bells" in 1984. As a result "Ma Soft" will be broken into regional companies, referred to as "Micro Babies," to be named MicroAtlantic, SoftSouth, PacificSoft, U.S. Soft, MicroWest, and severa... (more)

A Nose For The Essentials, Interview with Yakov Werde

Though I spend most of my time consulting on software systems, I also have the pleasure of teaching a variety of courses on Sybase Tools. As a Certified Sybase Instructor, I was able to attend a recent conference in Santa Fe that Sybase put on for its instructors. While there, I sat in on a Java course taught by Yakov Werde. Yakov is a very talented teacher, skilled in communication and humor. It's a good mix. I always enjoy the opportunity to learn from him. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak about his job and get a small glimpse of Yakov after hours. Olson: Briefly tel... (more)

Quite an Arsenal !

Technology is changing fast, and PowerBuilder is changing with it. Back when I was coding with PowerBuilder 2, HTML was still on the drawing board, and open application servers, XML, and other contemporary technologies hadn't even been thought of. Sybase's flagship development tool has changed a lot since then. If you pulled an early PB developer out of cryonic freeze, he or she wouldn't even recognize it. Did you know that PB can already be used to develop Web services? And soon you'll be able to easily generate XML from DataWindows and even import it? PowerBuilder 9 is just aro... (more)

Ring in the New Year!

2003 is going to be a great year. The economy is on a slow recovery, but it is recovering. That means more money for off-the-shelf and custom software, meaning more work for you, me, and others like us. Companies that have tightened their belts for a few years are starting to take another look at systems they shelved due to budget cuts. Hopefully, they'll untie those purse strings and help move the economy to an even faster recovery. This could also be a great year for Sybase! Might be, could be...we'll see. Most years the extreme possibilities exist for great glory through market... (more)