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Sybase is back in the news, having once again posted gains in both revenues and profits. In fact, their latest quarterly announcement indicates they had the best quarter in the history of the company. That caps a truly amazing turnaround. In the last several years many technology companies successful in the '80s weren't able to keep up with the markets, went out of business, or were consumed by other companies such as CA. Sybase is in good company. Oracle, Microsoft, and Sun all faced that challenge and beat it by making innovative and somewhat risky moves. A classic example is Sun. It was declining until it bet its future on Java. A brilliant marketing campaign made Java the language to compare all other languages against. Now Sun is more successful than ever. Sybase's remarkable database success in the late '80s waned in the mid '90s, and the company struggled for... (more)

If You Don't Speak Up You Won't Be Heard

Many terms are born out of reality, based on observable evidence. When I hear the term silent majority I think of a large crowd of people, sharing some commonality, moving along peacefully without fanfare or press coverage. Maybe the commonality is a belief, like a religious or moral conviction, or maybe it's immutable, like race or gender. Occasionally, one in the group will speak out, saying something that resonates with the crowd. They nod in agreement, yet remain quiet, silent in support. That one becomes an involuntary spokesperson for thousands just because he or she had th... (more)

Feedback Loop

I recently received feedback from a reader regarding the content and direction of PBDJ. He was concerned that the number of articles on PowerBuilder client/server was decreasing. He is correct. As I've noted in past editorials, our content covers all of EAStudio and focuses on new features and uses for PowerBuilder. That means there's an emphasis on n-tier development with many articles on EAServer, PowerJ, and distributed development concepts. We know there are many PowerBuilder developers who aren't yet doing distributed development; our goal is to publish articles in each iss... (more)

Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7

Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 By Michael J. Barlotta A Manning publication Publication date: August 1999 Format: Softbound, 550 pages ISBN: 188477786 Price: $35.96 from the publisher at www.manning.com/Barlotta2/index.html or for the same price at www.amazon.com (ships in 24 hours) I must admit to having been a little remiss regarding this book. I've been intending to review it since its debut at TechWave last August, but I never got around to it. Fortunately the book is just as applicable today as when it first came out. Though we now have EAServer 3.5, the core features of th... (more)

Enterprise Application Framework

Client/server is fading, supplanted by distributed architectures and Web clients; the new generation of architecture is here to stay. Fortunately, the latest generation of client/server object designs prepared developers and code for the transition to a distributed environment. Along with the new architecture, however, comes a need for framework and service objects designed for this environment. The PFC isn't appropriate because it's too fat. To fill the void many companies have built their own, but there haven't been any widely distributed libraries of this type. This may now b... (more)