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Last year, after migrating a client's application from PFC 5.0.02 to 6.5, then applying some enhancements to take advantage of new features, the program began giving the following PFC error message: "For certain functionality the PFC DataStore requires a reference to its parent window. One of these cases has been encountered. To let the DataStore know who its parent window is, call the of_SetParentWindow() function after the DataStore creation." At first I was disturbed that the PFC developers had coupled the DataStore to a parent object. And worse, not only a parent object, but a window object. This would mean that every DataStore had to be associated with a window. I assumed I'd be forced to use my frame window as a parent for all the "free range" DataStores in my application. After analyzing the PFC code changes, I realized that the DataStore requires a parent w... (more)

When the Planets Align?

Another year, another conference. The Sybase conference is like clockwork. You can set your calendar by it. Sure, it moves around some, but it's always there. A guaranteed week of "vacation" away from my clients. Hard-core development replaced by sun, fun, and lots of elbow rubbing. It's always enjoyable, even though my levels of excitement and interest in the conferences may vary. Some are great, some are hot. And some are not. Last year was okay, but there wasn't a whole lot to be excited about. Being a Sybase tools aficionado, I get excited by new releases, new features, new ... (more)

A Nose For The Essentials, Interview with Yakov Werde

Though I spend most of my time consulting on software systems, I also have the pleasure of teaching a variety of courses on Sybase Tools. As a Certified Sybase Instructor, I was able to attend a recent conference in Santa Fe that Sybase put on for its instructors. While there, I sat in on a Java course taught by Yakov Werde. Yakov is a very talented teacher, skilled in communication and humor. It's a good mix. I always enjoy the opportunity to learn from him. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak about his job and get a small glimpse of Yakov after hours. Olson: Briefly tel... (more)

Advanced WebDW HTML Generation

Okay, so I've been promoting the inclusion of PB client/server articles, yet here I am writing about the Web DataWindow. Don't stop reading! This article applies to all PB developers, whether n-tier or client/server. That said, I now have to prove that this article is important to client/server developers.... Here's my angle: HTML has become a standard beyond Web development. People doing work unrelated to the Web, even nonprogrammers, need to learn the basics of HTML. Here's an example: I'm a consultant and I invoice my customers using QuickBooks. When I generate my invoices I ... (more)

PBDJ's Tenth Year

Believe it or not 2004 is the tenth year I'll be writing for PBDJ! I can't believe it myself. This magazine debuted back in 1994 when PowerBuilder was the hottest client/server software development tool in the world. That year I joined forces with a dozen PowerBuilder experts and we wrote PowerBuilder 4.0: Secrets of the PowerBuilder Masters for SYS-CON Media, the publisher of this magazine. That book made quite a splash in the PB world and we suddenly became celebrities. I remember the pride I felt when I went into a B. Dalton bookstore in Orlando (I was working on a space shutt... (more)