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John Olson

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At work, Lisa takes advantage of her employer's dedicated T-3 to quickly access live NASDAQ quotes via a Java applet stock ticker. She spends each day alternating between development work and day trading. Soon to be rich, she dreams of early retirement and a life filled with leisure activities and day trading at home. Back at home her lack of patience and 56K connection make day trading a painfully slow torture. Java and 56K aren't meant to be together. Unfortunately, most of the 50 million regular Internet users worldwide are ecstatic if they can even achieve 56K. High-speed connectivity is common to businesses but is out of financial reach of the average home-based Internet user. To be successful, consumer-targeted Web sites have to provide content quickly, because consumers won't wait. So while businesses enjoy IP-delivered, feature-rich Java applications and ap... (more)

n_ds DataStore Coupled to Parent Window in PFC 6.0+

Last year, after migrating a client's application from PFC 5.0.02 to 6.5, then applying some enhancements to take advantage of new features, the program began giving the following PFC error message: "For certain functionality the PFC DataStore requires a reference to its parent window. One of these cases has been encountered. To let the DataStore know who its parent window is, call the of_SetParentWindow() function after the DataStore creation." At first I was disturbed that the PFC developers had coupled the DataStore to a parent object. And worse, not only a parent object, but... (more)

The Software Tool Wars

A goal of major software tool companies (Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, Sun, etc.) is to provide every design and development tool, connectivity product and server necessary for customers to design, develop, implement and maintain their enterprise systems. That's a tall order but within reach of each of those four companies. The EAStudio product set, which includes PowerBuilder, now contains a wide variety of tools in all those areas. However, until PowerDesigner 7 (PD7) was released, that set didn't contain an object designer. Last month I highlighted the new features in PowerDesign... (more)

PB7 Wizards for Jaguar Components

Some of the most popular new features in PowerBuilder 7 are the wizards because they make it easy to perform complicated, multipart tasks. However, the first time I ran PB7 and attempted to create a Jaguar component I was stunned to find identically labeled, as well as nearly identically labeled, options on three of the tabs in the "New" dialog (to get to the New dialog, launch PowerBuilder, then choose File/New off the main menu). I guess Sybase decided that the wizards' functions are obvious based on the tabs they're on. I've found that many PowerBuilder developers don't find t... (more)

We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

If you're a regular reader you've probably noticed the recent evolution of this magazine from focusing specifically on PowerBuilder to covering the several tools included in EAStudio as well as the Enterprise Application Server. Though still called PowerBuilder Developer's Journal, this magazine now also has a subtitle: Enterprise Application Studio. While proud of our long history of cutting-edge PowerBuilder articles, we recognize that, as a lone software development tool, PB doesn't generate the interest it used to. Nearly 10 years after the first release of PowerBuilder, thi... (more)